10 Tips for a Successful Main Bathroom Renovation

10 Tips for a Successful Main Bathroom Renovation

The primary bathroom should be different from the guest bathroom. While the latter can be plain and practical, your primary bathroom should be thoughtfully designed so you have a peaceful private space to relax and unwind. Read on to learn about some of the best bathroom renovation ideas for the main bathroom to ensure it is organized and has beautiful design features that meet your needs.

10 Incredible Primary Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Double Vanity

A double vanity or sink is one of the must-haves for a primary bathroom. It is visually pleasing and highly functional for an enjoyable experience. You may consider under-mount sinks to maximize counter space or a sleek floating vanity to add to the room’s aesthetics.

Contactless Faucets

Touchless faucets are a perfect addition to bathrooms. They are convenient if you need to wash up after applying lotion or removing makeup. Additionally, they stay clean for longer, eliminating the need to wipe them down constantly.

Luxury Countertop Material

Incorporating luxury countertop materials such as quartz, marble, and granite in the main bathroom will help create a sophisticated look. You can choose the on-trend marble varieties or select black or coloured options for a bold appearance. Use timeless and long-lasting materials for the desired result.

Home Spa

It is a treat to have a bathroom that looks and functions well, so most homeowners prefer a spa-style primary bathroom. A modern open shower, a spacious, enclosed shower and bathing area, and a complete wet room with a shower and freestanding tub are a few popular options for bathroom renovation projects. You can also consider double shower ideas such as two shower heads located across from or next to one another and a spacious freestanding tub as a beautiful focal element.

Proper Lighting

Whether or not you have a wall of windows in your bathroom, having sufficient lighting in the room is essential to feel fresh and energized. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can select energy-saving options, dimmable lights, eye-catching chandeliers, and more. In addition, consider adding lighting fixtures around the mirrors and the bathtub to enhance the room’s ambiance, making it more than a utilitarian space.

Walk-In Closets and Storage Options

Incorporate a connected closet into your main bathroom renovation plans for additional convenience. You can include custom organizers, a bench for ironing and dressing, a folding station, and more with the right design to get a classy and functional outcome.

In addition, this will create plenty of storage to keep your linens and bath supplies. A hidden in-set shelf on the wall, a linen closet with doors, and built-in cupboards and drawers are some of the options you may consider.

Sitting Area

A lounge area is a beautiful addition to a modern primary bathroom layout. Choose water-resistant materials such as a stool or bench made from acrylic, heat-treated bamboo, ceramic, or exotic hardwoods.

Floor Heating

Installing heated floors as part of your bathroom renovation is a luxurious addition that can make a difference in your quality of life. You can do so with various floorings such as hardwood, tile, and linoleum.

Powerful Ventilation

A quiet, powerful ventilation system is essential for the main bathroom to remove damaging humidity. This way, you can ensure the room is well-maintained and beautiful without increasing the cleaning efforts and frequency.

Add More Greenery

Plants add warmth and life to any space. You can add tall potted plants to enhance your primary bathroom’s look and feel, or also ones that hang from the ceiling. Be sure to choose a variety that can thrive in the environment or convincing artificial options.

We Can Help You Design a Beautiful Main Bathroom

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