Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Different Lifestyles

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Different Lifestyles

Whether you want a luxurious bathroom or need to create a kid-friendly space, working with a bathroom renovation contractor is a fool-proof way to achieve the desired results. They can help you choose the perfect design and ensure you have the required features to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the room. Depending on your needs, you can create a luxurious spa-like retreat or a safe and cozy bath. With a few useful features and the right décor, you can enjoy a comfortable and beautiful space that perfectly suits your unique lifestyle. Check out the different ways to design your bathroom to get some ideas before your renovation begins.

Luxurious Bathroom

Choosing the right fixtures, accessories, and finishes is crucial to building a high-end bathroom. Here are some ideas for a luxurious bathroom renovation:

Advanced Technology – Use smart gadgets, such as voice-activated Bluetooth shower speakers, a touch-free liquid soap dispenser, electric towel warmers, or a lighted toilet seat. These high-end devices can help make your bathroom more functional and convenient.

Lighting Trends – Update the lighting in your bathroom to create a modern aesthetic. You can select new designs with sophisticated styles, such as sleek brushed gold ceiling lights or matte black wall fixtures. There are many other options to choose from, including colour-changing bulbs, reactive lighting, and dimmable lights to evoke a relaxed feel.

Enjoy a Sauna – Consider installing a sauna in your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere where you can de-stress and relax at the end of the day.

Upgrade the Tiles – Installing high-end finishes is an excellent way to achieve a refined look. Marble tiles can give your bathroom a sophisticated vibe and create a luxe appearance. You can also add under-floor heating to add a comfortable and elegant touch.

Customize Your Shower – Upgrade your shower by increasing its size and ensuring it is spacious. You can install glass doors, high-end tiles, built-in shelving, bench seating, and quality fixtures.

Install Mirrors – Instead of the standard mirrors, choose unique ones with an unusual shape, interesting border, or that incorporates lighting or colour. You can also add decorative finishes and frames to the mirror to make it stand out.

Install a Unique Toilet – Replace your traditional toilet with one that has a different shape or that has the tank removed from the bowl. You can also incorporate a bidet.

Finish with Some Artwork – Choose some pieces of artwork that suit your bathroom’s theme. You may consider a beautiful landscape painting or a vibrant modern abstract to liven up the space.

Couple’s Bathroom

Here are some bathroom renovation ideas to help you update your space to make sharing easier.

Consider a Hot Tub – Replace your standard bathtub with a deep, spacious tub featuring whirlpool action, massaging jets, and LED lighting.

Install Two Sinks – Install his and her sinks with a large vanity, so there is enough space to use it simultaneously with your partner.

Have a Walk-In Closet – Add a walk-in closet as part of your bathroom renovation to keep your things organized and clutter-free.

Add a Big Mirror – Consider a freestanding, full-length mirror for your bathroom or hang a full-size mirror on the wall so you can see yourself properly. You can choose one that matches the theme of the room.

Additional Storage – Consider extra storage to organize your cosmetics and toiletries separately so that they are easily accessible. Doing so will ensure your bathroom is neat and convenient, and each person can easily find what they need.

Kid and Family-Friendly Bathroom

Check out these bathroom renovation tips to create a fabulous space for the kids:

Bathtub for Children – Since most tubs are not designed for kids, it is best to choose one carefully, considering your needs to ensure safety. You can select an option with a textured bottom to reduce slipping or ensure that grab bars are available when getting in or out of the tub.

Use Kid-Proof Accessories – Avoid storing medication or cleaning supplies in your child’s bathroom. Install a lock on the toilet, add outlet covers, and use a non-slip bathmat in the tub or shower to keep your children safe when they use the bathroom.

Use Vibrant Bathroom Curtains – Choose a kid-friendly colour scheme or theme when buying rugs, curtains, and décor for the bathroom. If they are old enough, it helps to get your child’s input for things like colour and accessories to ensure they enjoy the space. It also allows them to feel like they were part of the design process.

Consider Colourful Cabinets & Shelves – Install wall-mounted shelving or a small cabinet to keep tub toys, soaps, shampoos, and other items. You can paint them in your child’s favourite colour to make the bathroom more cohesive.

Add Good Lighting – Install bright lighting fixtures in the kids’ bathroom, toilet seat lighting, and a motion-activated night light. This will make it easier for your child to see in the dark if they need to use the bathroom.

Bathrooms for Seniors

As a leading bathroom renovation contractor, we understand the importance of creating senior-friendly bathrooms to help reduce the chances of accidents or injuries. Here are some ways to help improve the safety of the bathroom:

Have a Minimalist Design – Choose a simple yet beautiful design for your bathroom renovation project to reduce clutter and improve safety. Use sturdy towel hangers and wall hooks and select a layout that is easy to navigate. Also, ensure the bathroom is spacious enough to use a wheelchair or walkers if needed.

Have an Emergency Button – An emergency call button in the bathroom is crucial to provide immediate assistance if any accidents occur.

Install Grab Bars – Grab bars next to the toilet and on the bathtub walls will provide some additional stability in the bathroom.

Try a Walk-In Tub – Walk-in showers and tubs are best for seniors because you do not have to climb over the edge.

Use a Shower Chair or Tub – You may also consider a waterproof and comfortable bathroom chair designed for seniors to maintain balance while bathing.

Install a Convenient Toilet – Install toilets that have a taller height to make it easier to get up and down.

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Different Lifestyles

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