Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Providing Complete Kitchen Renovation in Toronto

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where families come together in the morning to start their day, and meet up in the evening to recount the stories collected in their hours away. A place where friends gather to reconnect over dinner, and loved ones come to enjoy a holiday feast. Food brings people together, and you should have a comfortable and welcoming environment both to cook and entertain in. At renoWOW!, we believe a kitchen renovation should be about more than just cabinets and countertops – it should be how you feel when you’re grabbing a cup of coffee or preparing a delicious meal for those you care about.

Whether you’re looking to create the open concept kitchen you’ve always imagined, considering installing an island with a sink or stovetop, needing custom cabinets, or completely remodelling, a kitchen renovation from renoWOW! can do it all.

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Designing an Exceptional Kitchen

When planning your kitchen renovation, it is important to ask yourself a few design questions to make sure your kitchen will function as you envision:

  • Can multiple people easily be in the kitchen at one time without running into each other?
    It is almost a guarantee that there will be multiple people in your kitchen at once. Being able to cook efficiently with children, spouses, and guests coming and going throughout, or while someone else assists you with a meal is important.
  • How close is the sink to the stove? Will I have to go far to fill or drain a pot?
    A pot full of water can be heavy. A pot full of boiling water is heavy and dangerous. You don’t want to have to carry it very far to fill or empty, so ensuring the cooktop is close to the sink will improve the safety of your kitchen.
  • Are the cupboards big enough to hold all my pots and pans efficiently?
    It’s one thing to be able to haphazardly fit cookware into a cupboard, close the door, and hope nothing shifts that could cause the doors to open and everything to tumble out. It’s a completely different experience to have everything in its place, with lids stored neatly and easily accessible so you can find just what you need when you’re making your next great recipe.
  • Do I want to create an eating area?
    Whether through the use of an island and stools or leaving an empty nook for a table and chairs, a casual dining space can be a nice place to gather together for meals that don’t necessarily require the formality of a dining room. They are also great places to enjoy a morning beverage while catching up on the news and preparing for the day ahead.
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Common Questions about Kitchen Renovation

  • What is the return on investment for a kitchen remodel?
    Kitchen renovation projects offer one of the top returns on investment when it comes to renovating a residential property. Studies show that they can provide anywhere from almost 75% - 100% ROI if done correctly. As a reputable kitchen renovation contractor, we have the best professionals to help you with your project and ensure you get maximum returns.
  • How long will my custom kitchen renovation project take?
    The project duration for remodelling a kitchen typically depends on the scope of the work. It is also dependent on a variety of factors such as the availability of materials, area or size of the kitchen, upgrades required, the number of hours worked every day, and more. It can take anywhere between a couple of weeks to several months or more depending on the requirements. We will provide you with an estimated time so that you know what to expect.
  • How do I get started with my kitchen remodelling project?
    The best way to start your kitchen renovation is by having a virtual or on-site consultation with our experts. We will analyze the space, understand your needs and expectations, take measurements, and get familiar with your style. This will allow us to develop a beautiful and functional kitchen design that meets your requirements.
  • How much will my kitchen remodelling in Toronto cost?
    When it comes to renovating a kitchen, the cost is highly variable. It depends on several aspects such as the age and condition of your kitchen, materials required, the specifics of the project, essential prep work, and more. To ensure you have an idea of the total cost of the kitchen remodel, we can provide you with an estimate.
  • How should I prepare for my kitchen remodelling project?
    To ensure you get your dream kitchen, you should start by gathering designs and ideas and a list of appliances you would want in your new kitchen. Working with a reputable kitchen renovation contractor is the key to the best results.

Kitchen Remodeling in Toronto: The Experts’ Way

The design experts at renoWOW! are here to help ensure your new kitchen is beautiful and efficient. From layout and material selection through to completed installation, we’ll be there for every step. Trust the renoWOW! team to turn your kitchen into a beautiful space that makes you say “WOW!” every time you step into it.

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