Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Providing Complete Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

Your bathroom is where you go to refresh, unwind, and prepare yourself to face the day. It is one of the most used rooms in your home and is frequented by both those living inside and guests. For these reasons, it should be a place you can enjoy spending some time, not just somewhere you need to be to take care of tasks.

To customize your bathroom, renoWOW! offers a variety of tiling patterns to add character to your flooring. We also offer water-resistant paint to reduce the likelihood of mold or mildew buildup, as is common from steamy showers and baths, and custom wall tiling to provide a beautiful and complete bathroom renovation.

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bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovation Packages

When renovating your bathroom, you want the space to be comfortable and inviting. Often, bathrooms are poorly laid out giving off a very cramped and unpleasant feeling. At renoWOW!, our bathroom renovation packages are designed to provide the optimal layout to maximize the space available. We combine a variety of high-end materials to look elegant and give that luxurious feeling in your bathroom, whether it be a powder room, en-suite, or primary facility.

Customized Bathroom Renovations

If a customized option is more to your tastes, the renoWOW! team can help you with the design and build process. From thought to execution, we help guide you through the process of creating your dream home room by room.

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At renoWOW!, we specialize in bathroom renovations. Here are just a few of the ideas we can help you include in your custom bathroom renovation:

General Questions about Bathroom Renovations

1. How long will my bathroom renovation take?

Typically a standard bathroom remodelling takes around ten working days. However, it depends on the amount of work involved, the degree of difficulty, and what features you need to incorporate. Once we discuss your needs and expectations, we can provide you with a guaranteed project timeline.

2. Will I need any permits for my bathroom remodelling?

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Toronto and surrounding cities, unless you want some structural changes made, there is no need for a permit. However, you will require a permit from the city if it is a new bathroom addition. As an experienced bathroom renovation contractor, we can assist you with this process and complete the job without any hassles.

3. Do you subcontract any of the bathroom renovation projects?

Whether you need a few minor changes made to your space or are looking for professional assistance with a custom bathroom renovation project, we undertake each job ourselves. Our crew will be available to answer your questions and assist you. We are also affiliated with many registered interior designers through Interior Design Canada (IDC) for specialized interior design work.

4. How can I heat my bathroom?

As a prominent bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto, we often get this question from our clients. We will recommend a suitable solution depending on the size of your bathroom, your budget, and your needs. Here are a few options that you can consider:

5. Can I tile over existing tiles as part of my bathroom renovation?

With over 25 years of experience in bathroom renovation services, we have the knowledge and experience to undertake a remodelling project of any size. If you would like us to tile over the existing tiles, we can help you with it. We will consider the current condition of your flooring and the weight of the new tiles to come up with a suitable solution.

Bathroom Remodeling in Toronto: The Experts’ Way

Whatever option you choose for your bathroom, count on the renovation experts at renoWOW! to give you a beautiful space you’ll be excited to spend time in.

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