10 Popular Bathroom Renovation Trends

10 Popular Bathroom Renovation Trends

Are you looking for trendy and functional bathroom renovation ideas? You can opt for anything from new, stylish bathroom designs to the classic airy, white bathroom. The key is to keep functionality and the architecture of your home in mind. As a leading bathroom renovation contractor, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 bathroom remodelling designs, from practical upgrades, ideas for maximizing space to the latest hardware, colours, and styles. Read on to make an informed choice for your bathroom renovation project.

10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas for the Ultimate Inspiration

  • Incorporate Black
    Black is a bold colour that can add a touch of class and luxury to any space. If you want to achieve the sophisticated and modern look, consider incorporating it in your bathroom renovation design through small pieces such as mirror frames, light fixtures and more. For a more intense look, you may have black roofs and walls. If an all-black colour pallet overwhelms you, opt for a monochrome style. To learn more about choosing the colours for your bathroom, also read
  • Compact Design and Optimal Storage
    Practicality is the key to successful bathroom renovation. Ask your bathroom renovation contractor to help you choose attractive and sleek designs that offer maximum storage. Incorporate ideas that can help you fit everything you need in the room without disrupting the layout.
  • Wood Accents
    If you want a vintage bathroom or a spa design, wood accents are an excellent choice. Talk to the experts about the different types of wood and which would best suit your needs and style. You can incorporate warm shades of wood or have a wooden floor for your space.
  • High Tech Fittings
    Fitting technology in the bathroom has become increasingly popular when it comes to bathroom renovation designs. You can add high tech jetted shower columns, ultra-modern lighting, heated floors, and more to your remodelling plans. Backlit mirrors are also a great choice to make your bathroom more functional and appealing.
  • Artistic Touches
    If you want to add a high end feel to your bathroom, you can incorporate artistic pieces. Include a statement wall, work with patterns such as florals, and incorporate bright colours to make your space more impactful. You can also hang paintings, geometrical or asymmetrical mirrors, or other pieces of art to achieve the desired look.
  • Tile Patterns
    You can customize your bathroom tiles with unique shapes and attractive patterns. You can choose diamonds, hexagons, fish scales, and other intriguing designs. Also, consider different textures that go along with your custom bathroom renovation ideas. From geometric patterns and unconventional shapes to ruggedly cut pieces, you can choose from a variety of tile options to add a wow-factor to your space. In addition to this, select countertop materials accordingly to add an upscale feel.
  • Pops of Colour
    Adding splashes of colour to the bathroom can make it more attractive and unique. If done right, this can help you achieve a classy and beautiful look. In addition to the walls, you can use the appliances, such as a teal sink or a blue tub, to get the desired result. From rich jewel tones to soft pastels to bold hues, you can choose any shade that suits your design.
  • Home Spa
    If you want your bathroom to reflect the luxurious and relaxing feel of a spa, discuss at-home spa bathroom designs with your bathroom renovation contractor. The idea is to create a nature-loving design by incorporating river stones, wood accents or floors, muted lighting, soft patterns, and plants in the design. Also, have an open space with a big, deep soak bathtub to complete your perfect spa look.
  • Open Showers
    Along with big bathtubs, open showers with hidden drains are a favourite among homeowners. You could have a spacious shower enclosure as a part of your bathroom renovation plan. If the open shower takes up a significant portion of your bathroom, you can also have a tub inside. This idea is the perfect way to create an illusion of more space if you have a small bathroom.
  • Open Concept Bathroom Design
    In addition to an open shower, you can also have an open concept bathroom as part of your custom bathroom renovation plan. Incorporate different features of a bathroom into your bedroom space. This bathroom renovation idea is perfect for modern architecture.

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