7 Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

7 Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

When it comes to custom bathroom renovations, it is essential to consider the area and layout of the room, particularly if you have a small bathroom. You’ll need to be more creative and innovative to utilize the available space in the best possible way. This is because you’ll likely face many challenges in the form of configuring the sink and toilet, allowing enough clearance for a shower, determining where to put the cabinet and towels, and more. However, you can have a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing bathroom if you know what to do with it. If you’re not sure how to begin your renovation project, check out a few space-saving bathroom renovation ideas from our experts to get started.

7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Tips for Maximum Space Utilization

  • Opt for an Open-Concept Design
    When you feel that you are stuck with a small bathroom, saving space by installing a shower instead of a tub is an excellent idea. This way, you’ll have a chance to incorporate other elements. Also, an open-shower bathroom is one of the latest trends when it comes to bathroom renovations. Put up only half a glass wall or have a glass door that moves back and forth instead of a regular door. This idea is not only functional but also creates a beautiful space.
  • Use the Walls Creatively
    Taking advantage of the walls in your bathroom can help save a lot of space. You can add niches to get more storage space and install wall mounts for soap, toothbrushes, and other toiletries to keep your counter space clutter-free. Also, open shelving is a top trend these days.
  • Remove Unnecessary Elements
    An easy and effective way to make your small bathroom look more spacious is to get rid of all the unnecessary components. It helps to look for better alternatives that can serve the same purpose. For instance, you can get a vanity without handles and instead opt for built in openings, eliminate the need for a radiator by having heated flooring, and more. Be sure to have a minimalist approach to achieve the desired results. Also, choose simple and straight-lined furnishing to accommodate your needs.
  • Consider the Sink Shape and Location
    There are many sink sizes and shapes that you can opt for when planning your bathroom renovation. In addition to the space available, consider the layout of your bathroom when choosing the sink. For instance, if your bathroom is narrow, opt for a small, rectangular washbasin. If you have an extended bathroom, you can get a round, wall-mounted sink to get a refined, clean look. Alternatively, you can also choose to install a corner sink to maximize the available space.
  • Install a Built-in Cabinet
    When it comes to space-saving bathroom renovation ideas, adding a built-in cabinet is a popular option. It is both visually appealing and functional. You can also have built-in niches on the wall that serve the same purpose. Make the most of the unused inner wall space when dealing with a small bathroom to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Get Wall-Mounted Toilet
    When considering wall-mounted fittings and fixtures for your bathroom, you can also look at toilets attached to a wall. In addition to helping you save space, they are also a water-saving and eco-friendly option. Also, wall-mounted fixtures are easier to maintain.
  • Use a Large-Scale Pattern
    Consider different tile patterns for your bathroom, like wide stripes, that can create an illusion of expanded space. Although it may not increase the square footage, your bathroom will feel more spacious.

Planning is essential for any renovation project, and more so when you have restrictions in the form of space. This is why it helps to work with experts who can come up with customized bathroom renovation ideas that are functional and beautiful.

Let Us Help You with Your Bathroom Renovation Project

7 Easy Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

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