Easy Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas & Tips You Should Know

Easy Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas & Tips You Should Know

Instead of looking at having a small kitchen as a liability, you can think of ways to make the most out of it. If you hire a reputable contractor who can provide custom kitchen renovations, you can have a well-designed space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All you need is a clear idea of what you want and expert assistance to determine the best possible ways to execute your concepts. Read on to learn more about small kitchen renovation ideas.

Top 4 Advantages of Having a Small Kitchen

  • Save Space in the House
    Having a compact kitchen provides additional space for other areas such as an office, living room, bedroom, and more. Also, you may add a new room, such as a storage space or guest room.
  • More Economical
    Kitchen remodelling requires substantial funds, and having a small kitchen helps to cut down on unnecessary improvements. It also eliminates the use of costly elements.
  • Make Renovations Hassle-Free
    Having a smaller kitchen makes the remodelling work more manageable as compared to more spacious kitchens. It saves you time and money.
  • Better Ergonomics
    A smaller kitchen makes it easier for you and the renovation contractor to implement the kitchen triangle concept. This follows the idea that you should be able to move comfortably between three main points, the oven or stove, sink, and fridge. When your kitchen is designed with the triangle concept, you will have a much easier time moving between the essential areas and making meals comfortably.

Useful Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas and Tips

  • Use the Right Colours
    It helps to light up the space using beautiful hues such as blue, pastels, yellow, and more. Consider keeping it light to ensure the result turns out beautifully.
  • Shrink the Sink
    Instead of the usual sink and counter combination, you may think of other practical kitchen renovation ideas. For example, consider a separate sink to free up space on the counter for prepping meals and other activities.
  • Eliminate the Traditional Elements
    If you do not have the space to incorporate all the features of a conventional kitchen, consider scrapping them to reduce clutter. Be sure to include the fundamental elements, however, to ensure the area is still functional.
  • Do Not Waste Space
    Get creative with custom kitchen renovations. Strike a balance between the storage area, prepping and cooking place, and the sink. Install pantry cabinets and wall cabinets for optimal utilization of space.
  • Use Large Floor Tiles
    Tiny floor tiles create the appearance of a cramped and cluttered kitchen. Consider using large tiles to avoid this problem. In any case, keep the grout lines in mind while creating the design to ensure the kitchen looks beautiful.
  • Choose the Size of the Fridge Wisely
    The fridge is an essential aspect when it comes to kitchen remodelling. Purchasing a slim-line refrigerator can help you save space. You could also opt for two built-in, under-counter fridges to free up more space for additional countertops.

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Easy Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas & Tips You Should Know

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