Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Quick and Efficient Bathroom Remodelling Services in Toronto

If planned correctly, renovating your bathroom can be quite rewarding, and this is where renoWOW! can help. We can customize the space to meet your needs and ensure it is beautiful and safe. Our experts will discuss your preferences and requirements and recommend the most suitable strategies to achieve your desired result.

As a responsible bathroom renovation contractor, we have liability insurance and WSIB coverage to ensure you have a smooth experience. We also provide curated packages for homeowners looking to create an efficient and elegant look in their available space.

We aim to design and create a comfortable, organized, appealing, and inviting bathroom. Our team will use the best practices and adopt a transparent approach to ensure a seamless experience.

Planning a Bathroom Renovation Project

The most important aspect of remodelling a bathroom is planning. Doing so will help you envision what you want in the room and craft a strategy accordingly. If you overlook something vital, you may end up spending more time and money redoing things. Here are a few things you should consider:

5 Steps to a Great Bathroom Renovation Project

Here’s a complete checklist of what happens during a bathroom remodel. This can help you keep track of what needs to be done and start working on your plan.

Decide on a Design

You can check home renovation magazines, Pinterest, and more for some inspiration. Our specialists will discuss bathroom renovation ideas to help you understand different styles and elements, and help you select the most suitable choices.
Here are some of the most popular bathroom renovation ideas and designs to choose from:

Estimates and Timelines

We realize that remodelling any aspect of your home can be slightly overwhelming. This is why we provide you with a quote and timeline to help you understand what to expect when working with us. Moreover, doing so will help avoid surprises during your renovation.

Stripping Out the Old Space

We will create a blank template for the bathroom by tearing down the old fixtures and removing everything that is not usable. We have the expertise and resources to undertake this job quickly and efficiently.

Updating the Layout

Our team will consider functionality, comfort, and aesthetics when renovating your bathroom. We ensure all the small details are taken care of while ensuring the big picture stays intact by considering the following:

Adding the Finishing Touches

In addition to the main elements such as the bathtub and vanity, we pay attention to other aspects such as handles and hardware, taps, and more. This way, we can ensure an exceptional outcome that exceeds the expectations.

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

The overall price of a bathroom remodelling project may vary significantly depending on many factors. Knowing what impacts the cost will help you make careful decisions when cutting down on unnecessary expenses without compromising the quality or outcome.

3 Golden Rules of a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Ease of Maintenance

When choosing a design for your bathroom, it helps to select mildew and stain-resistant materials. In addition to this, consider materials that are easy to clean and maintain for the counters, walls, and flooring. Quartz counters, porcelain tiles, durable faucets, and stain-resistant glass doors for showers are a few popular choices.

Space and Lighting

Selecting a suitable layout can help you create an elegant and luxurious room that optimally utilizes the available space. We can help you incorporate innovative bathroom renovation ideas to make the room appear more spacious and illuminated. Here are a few ideas to ensure the bathroom is light enough:

Energy Efficiency

If you want sustainable bathroom renovation ideas to conserve water and energy, here are a few you can incorporate:

Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating a Bathroom

Ignoring Basic Functionality

It is easy for you to get carried away by designer products and creative ideas for your bathroom. However, it is essential to make space for the basic things before opting for an elaborate plan. Consider the area available before deciding on anything you want to incorporate in your bathroom design.

Relocating Bathroom Fixtures

If you want to keep the overall cost of the renovation project down, it is best to reconsider moving around the existing bathroom fixtures. It is wise to retain the placement unless you must relocate the bathtub, sinks, or toilet, as this will require plumbing work.

Failing to Consider Storage Space

When remodelling your bathroom, it is crucial to consider the storage space available. You may consider wall-mounted fixtures and make room for essentials such as towels, toiletries, cosmetics, medications, and more so you can easily grab them when needed.

Inadequate Ventilation

Ventilation is a vital aspect of a bathroom remodel because it helps to reduce moisture in the air and lowers the chances of related repairs in the future. Having a small window or a ventilation fan in your bathroom is a good idea.

Improper Lighting and Draining Spots

Draining and lighting are two crucial factors when renovating a bathroom. Ignoring this aspect will make the area feel damp and cold, which is why you should choose appropriate lighting fixtures and ensure the drainage is suitable.

The Best Bathroom Renovation Services in Toronto

renoWOW! is known for delivering exceptional results when remodelling a bathroom. We have the expertise and experience to meet all your needs. Our team will identify your needs and preferences and incorporate them into the best industry practices that we follow. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so we take measures to deliver the desired outcome on time and within budget.
Contact us to plan your bathroom layout and enjoy the comfortable and thoughtfully designed space!

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