Kitchen Renovation: Top Before and After Ideas & Designs

Kitchen Renovation: Top Before and After Ideas & Designs

Cooking, dining, and entertaining can be more fun and effortless with a well-equipped kitchen, ideal for your family’s needs. You can plan a kitchen renovation with a reliable contractor to achieve this. Having some idea can help plan the details and get the desired result. Read on to learn about some helpful kitchen before-and-after ideas with innovative and popular designs and how they transformed the room into a highly functional and beautiful space. Get some inspiration to get the kitchen of your dream while ensuring it is presentable and stylish according to the current trends.

Before and After Kitchen Renovation Ideas


Before: Closed-Off Peninsula

Although a monochromatic look is a popular design for a kitchen, outdated ones create a dark, dull look. A peninsula that closes the kitchen from the dining area disrupts the traffic flow.

After: Colourful & Refreshing Kitchen

Adding a brighter, more open feel to the kitchen can revamp the space and make it the heart of your home. You may consider some shades of white, light blue, light yellow, and gray. Moroccan tiles, a white quartz island with open shelves, and modern lights will add more charm to the room. You can also experiment with colourful appliances and backsplashes to create a beautiful space.

Before: Narrow Kitchen

A narrow kitchen with an incorrectly placed peninsula is often cramped and lacks a logical flow. Most homeowners prefer a spacious kitchen with multiple storage options to make the room more functional.

After: Airy & Open Layout

It is wise to have the sink and faucet moved to an exterior wall in the kitchen. It helps improve the flow. You may consider placing the refrigerator near a breakfast station. In addition, you can add a porcelain tile backsplash to mirror the look of Carrara marble to improve your kitchen’s overall appeal.

Before: Standard Kitchen

If you have a standard kitchen, you need innovative and stylish additions to have a highly functional room that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics.

After: State of the Art Stylish Kitchen

There are endless kitchen renovation ideas that you can consider to transform the standard room. You can choose a theme to work on and add the features accordingly. For instance, combining a gorgeous gold and black hood with a wood island and gold floating shelves perfectly blends country chic and modern styles.

Before: Unnecessary Separation

If you have a partial wall separating your kitchen from the living room, it may unnecessarily occupy space. Moreover, darker wooden floors will add a damp and old look.

After: A Bright & Unique Kitchen

This kitchen remodelling before and after idea is a great inspiration if you want a bright, modern kitchen. All you need is a spacious counter, innovative storage fixtures, perfect lighting, and a beautiful colour scheme of whites, grays, and blues to create a great space that suits your needs.

Kitchen Renovation: Top Before and After Ideas & Designs

Design, Style & Function

Before: Functional but Dated

If you have a floor plan that works but need some kitchen renovation ideas to change the outlook of the dated room, you should consider changing the details. Updating the wallpaper, hardware, wooden cabinets, and counter can add more character to the space.

After: High-Style Kitchen

To brighten your kitchen, you may paint the cabinets in light blue-gray and white and add a contrasting dark granite countertop and a sleek tile backsplash. Install new hardware and glass pendants with brass accents above it to complete the look.


Before: Dated and Disorganized Space

Dated kitchen designs often lack storage, limiting their potential. They typically have a small island and basic cabinetry with little room for stylish details and organization.

After: Customized Kitchen Storage

Working with a kitchen renovation contractor can help you remodel the existing features to enhance storage without too many changes. You can add open shelves with organizers and lighting fixtures instead of regular cabinets. Incorporating an enlarged island, new appliances, and a gray and white colour scheme will modernize the space.


Before: Bland Neutral Kitchen

Although neutral colour schemes work well in kitchens, too much white can create an impersonal and bland look. Adding attractive patterns and textures is an excellent alternative to spruce up the space.

After: Welcoming and Charming Appeal

Add contrasting cabinets with a white quartz countertop and an eye-catching backsplash. Install brass cabinet hardware and a breakfast bar to transform your kitchen without changing the layout.

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