Bathroom Remodel Fixtures: Tub vs. Walk-In Shower

Bathroom Remodel Fixtures: Tub vs. Walk-In Shower

An essential aspect when renovating your bathroom is designing the show area. Tubs and walk-in showers are two popular options among homeowners as they are easy to use and comfortable. However, choosing between them can be challenging because both offer unique features and advantages that enhance your bathing experience. Moreover, it is wise to consider crucial aspects such as the overall look, usage, and budget. Learn about their pros and cons from Sam Beninato so you can make an informed decision for your bathroom remodel.

Walk-In Shower vs Tub for a Bathroom Remodel

Different Styles

Whether you prefer a modern, sophisticated design or a more traditional and classic look, tubs and showers are available in several styles to suit your preferences. Here are some popular bathroom remodelling ideas:

  • Tubs come in standard, freestanding, claw-foot, soaking, and whirlpool with built-in water jets.
  • Showers are available as stalls with curtains or doors and walk-in showers without doors or curtains. You can also have mosaic tiles installed.

Multiple Materials

When it comes to materials, both tubs and walk-in showers offer a variety of options. Tubs are available in acrylic, porcelain, enamel-coated cast iron, or fibreglass. You can use ceramic tiles, natural stone, or fibreglass for showers. Consider the durability, maintenance requirements, visual appeal, and your bathroom’s design.

Tubs are Cheaper to Install

If budget is a significant consideration for your bathroom remodel, a tub may be the more cost-effective. It generally requires less extensive plumbing modifications and installation work than walk-in showers. This can lower installation costs and help you save on bathroom remodel expenses.

Showers Take Up Less Space

A walk-in shower is more suitable for a small bathroom. It typically takes up less floor area than tubs, making it a practical solution. This way, you can create a more open and spacious feel in your bathroom and add more luxurious features to enhance its look and feel.

Showers are More Accessible

When considering accessibility, walk-in showers have the upper hand. They provide barrier-free entry, making them ideal if you have mobility challenges or seniors at home who may have difficulty entering the tub. Walk-in showers also offer the option of adding grab bars and built-in seating or bench, further enhancing safety and convenience.

Tubs Often Boost the Resale Value

While walk-in showers are gaining popularity, it is crucial to consider the impact on the resale value when deciding between them and a tub for your bathroom remodel. Many homebuyers still value having at least one bathtub, especially for families with young children or those who enjoy a relaxing soak. Installing a tub can help preserve the resale value of your home.

Showers Use Less Water

A walk-in shower is more eco-friendly if you are conscious about water conservation and reducing your environmental footprint. It generally uses less water compared to filling up a bathtub. Opting for a shower can help you save on water bills and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

3 Questions to Ask Before Installing Bathroom Fixtures

Before deciding on whether to install a walk-in shower or a tub as part of your bathroom remodelling project, there are three questions you should consider:

What Do You Have Currently?

Evaluate your current bathroom setup. Consider the existing plumbing, the available space, and the fixtures already in place. Understanding your starting point will help you determine the feasibility and potential challenges of installing a tub or shower.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Consider your bathroom’s size and how to accommodate the selected fixture. Measure the available space and note any architectural constraints, such as windows, doors, or sloping ceilings. This way, you can choose the appropriate configuration and size for your tub or shower.

Who Uses the Bathroom?

A spacious tub may be more practical if you have a large family. However, if you have seniors or individuals with limited mobility, a shower with accessible features like handrails, a bench, and non-slip tile could be the better choice.

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