7 Pet Friendly Home Renovation Tips & Ideas from Experts

7 Pet Friendly Home Renovation Tips & Ideas from Experts

If you have a pet and are considering a complete home renovation, it is beneficial to accommodate them into your remodelling plans to ensure comfort and safety. This way, you can create a beautiful space your pet would appreciate. Read on to get some of the best ideas from a professional home renovation contractor to make your place pet friendly.

7 Pet-Friendly Ideas for Home Renovation

Choose the Right Flooring

Although hardwood floors look aesthetically pleasing, they may not be pet friendly because they are not scratch proof. Choosing an easy-to-maintain and durable option when renovating your home if you have cats or dogs is wise. Tiles, cork, vinyl, laminate, and bamboo are some beautiful materials you may consider for your furry animals.

Improve Safety

Pet-proofing is an essential aspect of home renovation. This consists of several things, including the following:

  • Install baby gates to keep your pets out of specific areas.
  • Add a higher railing on the balcony to prevent falls.
  • Install a ramp or incline beside the stairs in your home.
  • Use childproof locks for cupboards and cabinets.

Create a Comfortable Area

When remodelling your home, consider creating a separate space for your pet. It should be warm, comfortable, and big enough to fit their bed and some essentials. Ensure they can leave it anytime so that they do not feel trapped. In addition, if you have a spacious home, you can build a playroom for them with built-in paths, tunnels, and other things your pet enjoys. You can also install a plush seat near a window with a view for them. Work with a reliable home renovation contractor to achieve the desired result without stress and problems.

Add a Feeding Station

Create a unique drinking and feeding area for your pet. It could be a part of your kitchen island, a designated space in the pantry or the laundry room, or any other portion of your house. Adding a freshwater fountain with easy-to-clean and waterproof flooring is an excellent pet-friendly home renovation idea to avoid dirty water dishes.

Install a Washing Station

Washing stations, especially for dogs, are a popular home renovation idea because most pet owners like the convenience of having a dedicated room to clean their furry baby. Installing one can save you time and effort. You could add a handheld showerhead to make bath time quicker and more efficient. Ensure it is of adequate height, has enough storage area, and is slip-resistant.

A Beautiful Backyard

If you have a yard, ensure it is appropriately gated and safe for your pet. Vinyl and wood-slat fences are great options for smaller pets, and metal fences are a better choice for big ones. Also, consider building a pet house in the yard. Ensure it is durable, weatherproof, and adequately insulated.


Adding a mudroom is an excellent pet-friendly idea when planning a complete home renovation. You can create one at a convenient entry and use it to prepare your pet for walks and wipe them after returning. You can install a bench with storage shelves or drawers and add hooks for damp towels, leashes, and jackets. In addition, install cabinets to keep toys, snacks, and poop bags.

Additional Home Renovation Tips for Pet-Parents

It helps to keep the following in mind during the remodelling process:

  • Talk to your home renovation contractor about your pet before the project begins and ask about the presence of hazardous chemicals and other harmful substances.
  • Plan to ensure they are safe and away from the work area to prevent them from inhaling the dust and avoid mishaps.
  • If you expect much noise, consider moving them to another place with a pet sitter.
  • Retain their routine and look for signs of stress.

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7 Pet Friendly Home Renovation Tips & Ideas from Experts

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