Virtual Home Renovation Consultations in Toronto

Virtual Home Renovation Consultations in Toronto

As a leading renovation contractor in Toronto, we are happy to do our part in making things easy and hassle-free for our customers during these unique and challenging times. To help, we are offering virtual planning and design for home renovations. Whether you need a few upgrades or want us to remodel your home completely, we can guide you by starting the planning and design phases. We are taking the utmost care to continue our current remodelling projects with heightened safety and health protocols to protect our crew and clients. Read on to find out more about our virtual consultation services for home renovation, so you know what to expect.

How Does Our Virtual Design Consultation Work?

Provide Necessary Details

Our virtual design consultation process for a home renovation is quite simple. Whether you need us for a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, basement renovation, or complete house remodelling, our experts can help. You need to provide us with all the necessary details required to get your project started. You can outline your expectations, timeframe, and the description of the area you would like us to renovate. You may also provide us with multiple pictures of the room from different angles, so we have a better idea of the space we’re working in. Also, be sure to include photographs of floors, adjacent spaces, and ceilings.

Schedule Your Appointment

Once you submit the details and the photos, you can schedule your appointment with us. Our experts will use this information along with your list of specifications to come up with different design options for your home renovation project.

Virtual Appointment with Our Experts

Once we receive the photos and measurements, we will schedule a virtual appointment at your convenience. We will address the functions and organization of the area, understand your requirements, and discuss your goals. Then, we will provide you with a summary, including images, designs, and details of what we plan to execute.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Consultation

Step 1: Prepare Your Video Technology

We prefer widely used video technology such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime, depending on your convenience. Our consultants will let you know which platform to use, and the time of the call so you can prepare accordingly. We recommend you test it out before the meeting starts to ensure it works on your laptop or phone.

Step 2: Prepare the Essentials

It helps to prep ahead of time before the virtual consultation for your home renovation, and have the following details on hand:

  • Age of your property
  • An estimate of the area of your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any other space you want us to renovate
  • A description of all renovation work you want us to undertake
  • A simple hand drawn floor plan or diagram
  • Details of any renovation work done on the property previously
  • Well-lit photos from multiple angles of the project area

Step 3: Have the Specifics Ready

In-person consultations usually begin with meeting the renovation contractor, followed by a walkthrough of the space you want to remodel. The purpose of a virtual consultation is quite similar. it helps to prepare a list of essentials you would like to discuss, including the following:

  • Your budget for the renovation project
  • The scope of renovation services and how our professionals can help you
  • Your goals and expectations
  • Who will be in your home during the renovation process
  • Whether you can stay inside when the crew is working
  • Which area will not be accessible for you during the renovation

Step 4: Prepare Your Home

Similar to an in-person meet, it helps to prepare the area you plan to renovate before the virtual walkthrough by keeping the following in mind:

  • Remove any pieces of furniture and clutter that could block views.
  • Make sure the lighting is adequate by opening windows and turning on the lights in the room.
  • Keep children and pets out of the room during the call.

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If you want us to work on your home renovation project, contact us, schedule a virtual consultation, prepare for it, and explore the process virtually. Our experts discuss your expectations and come up with suitable designs and plans as per your needs and budget.

For more information about our virtual consultations for home remodels, call us at 1-866-352-1251. We’ll be happy to assist you!