Understanding the 5 Objectives of Kitchen Renovations

Understanding the 5 Objectives of Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your entire house. Because of this, along with changing design trends, many homeowners will experience the need to renovate or remodel their kitchen at some point. Before you begin designing or contacting professionals, determine which of the following is the primary factor behind your desire to renovate.

  • Cosmetic – The most often cited reason to want to makeover your kitchen is cosmetic. This involves updating or altering the appearance to provide it with a new look. It doesn’t change the layout of your space but can include repainting the walls, renewing the cabinets, counters, and floor, or changing the overall design, such as moving from a cottage-style to modern. This kind of renovation can occasionally use pre-existing aspects of the kitchen by re-facing cabinets instead of replacing them.
  • Change or Enhance Kitchen Design Layout – Altering the design of your kitchen may sometimes be necessary. This can involve moving appliances, counters, and sinks to create a better and more efficient layout. Be aware of the ‘triangle’ used in kitchens: sink, to the stove, to the fridge, and back to the sink. This is the primary area you want optimized for easier meal preparation. Be aware that this may require contractors from various trades, so be sure that the renovation team you choose has them on staff or can provide individuals that will meet the needs.
  • Redirect Traffic – Changing the flow of traffic in your kitchen will often mean extensive changes. This can include adding or moving a doorway or taking down a wall. While this is an involved process, it results in a kitchen that is more efficient and feels and looks larger.
  • Increase Kitchen Space – To do this, many people choose to enlarge storage spaces, add a breakfast counter, butcher block, or remove an interior wall and rearrange the fixtures and appliances. This results in more space and increased storage, increasing the usefulness of your kitchen.
  • Expand Kitchen Area Outward – This is the most extensive renovation project, as it involves adding an addition to your home. Modifying both the interior and exterior of your home can often require several professionals in different fields. This renovation will completely change the flow and design of your kitchen and your home overall. It also gives you the ability to design the kitchen how you wish, and create things that weren’t present before such as a breakfast nook or a walk-in pantry.

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