Surviving a Kitchen Renovation

Surviving a Kitchen Renovation

Getting through a complete kitchen makeover can be a trying time for you and your household. You won’t have a functioning kitchen until it’s finished, which changes how you prepare your meals, and you must live with the dust and construction happening in your home. Fortunately, the result is worth it, leaving you with the beautiful space you envisioned. Here are our top tips to make it through a kitchen transformation successfully.

Tips to Get Through a Kitchen Remodel

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

When the remodelling process begins, move your fridge into the room you plan to use as your kitchen in the mean time along with other small appliances you will use often. These may include kettles, microwaves, or toasters. If you’re undertaking this project during the nicer months, the barbecue is also a great option.

Have A Plan for Water Access

Whether you’re going to use an alternative sink to wash your dishes and get water such as your laundry sink or a bathroom sink, or you plan on using disposable tableware until you have a more functional kitchen, it is recommended to have a strategy set up before the access to your kitchen is restricted. You may not realize how often you use your sink for tasks such as filling a pot, washing food, dumping out cups, or filling up a pet’s bowl, so an alternate water and drainage source will be necessary.

Try to Control the Dust

As with any renovation project, there will be dust. While your contractor will do their best to minimize the impact this has on your home, you can also take steps to reduce the amount that accumulates. Placing some drop cloths or plastic sheeting over art, electronics, or food-prep areas will help protect them and make cleanup easier. If needed, microfiber cloths are excellent at picking up drywall dust.

Keep a Must-Have List

Before the remodel begins, create a list. Organize it into two sections of must-haves and like-to-haves. Be sure that whoever lives in the home with you agrees and refer to the list if necessary. This will be incredibly useful if for any reason an unexpected expense arises that will detract from elements that you had planned. For example, if your new kitchen must have a built-in dishwasher but you’d like to have a farmhouse sink, you know where you can begin to eliminate items to make up the needed budget.

Be Mindful of Your Kids and Pets

Both children and animals can be put off by the chaos happening in the home, so be sure to be more patient and gentle with them. For kids, be sure to set up a tidy play area for them to relax and be themselves away from the disruptions. Pets also will do well with a quiet, safe spot away from the noise, and perhaps some extra grooming to rid them of dust they can accumulate.

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