Important Things to Consider When Remodelling Your Basement

Important Things to Consider When Remodelling Your Basement

Whether you are looking for ways to enhance the value of your property or planning to sell it, a basement renovation helps. This is because problems such as improper wall supports and cracks in the foundation can bring down the value of your home significantly. Before remodelling your basement, there are essential things you must consider to avoid compromising the safety and stay on budget. Read on to learn about the critical aspects of a basement renovation.

10 Things to Consider for Basement Remodelling

  • Signs of Moisture
    Wet stains on the walls, a damp smell or musty odour, and growth of mould are common signs of problems in a basement. It helps to thoroughly inspect the area for signs of moisture and cracks on the ceiling and walls before renovating to avoid any damage in the future.
  • Waterproof
    Waterproofing is a crucial aspect of basement renovation because it is essential to keep the area dry to avoid water damage and provide a healthy environment.
  • Open Layout
    Don’t overthink the layout or incorporate several elements together. Opt for classic ideas that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure the design complements the style and architecture of your house.
  • Details
    Basement remodelling is all about details. Incorporate components such as a fireplace or a large flat-screen television to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Exterior Points of Entry for Pests
    Pests such as squirrels and mice often enter a house through its basement. Look for pest entry points and seal them well to avoid infestation.
  • Reasonable Budget
    Opt for a custom basement renovation so you can determine how to renovate your space within your budget. Make a list of basement renovation ideas based on necessity and functionality. Do not include anything that may merely increase costs without enhancing the value.
  • Flooring
    Select the flooring materials by considering the moisture levels in your basement. Laminate is a popular choice because it is easy to install and affordable.
  • Light It Well
    Keep in mind the ceiling height when adding lights in your basement. Make sure to choose the right lights to properly illuminate the area to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Room for Storage
    Think of the things you would want to store in your basement. It helps to plan and build adequate storage, so it is not rendered unusable. Also, opt for different kinds of storage.
  • Bulkheads
    Plan well and disguise the mechanical components to enhance the aesthetic appeal as well as to avoid damaging the wirings and connections. Try to bury as many as possible within the ceilings and walls.

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Basement Renovation Service in Toronto

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