How Much Time Do You Need for a Bathroom Renovation?

How Much Time Do You Need for a Bathroom Renovation?

When you renovate a bathroom, it helps to know that it may require plenty of time, depending on your specifications. Before hiring a renovation contractor, it is best to have an idea of the timeline so you can be prepared. Read on to learn what factors affect the remodelling of a bathroom and how much time you can expect it to take before you can use the room.

General Timeline of a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

Typically, a bathroom remodelling project consists of the following steps:


During this phase, you will meet with your bathroom renovation contractor to talk about the scope and features you want to incorporate, explain your needs, and understand their work process. Based on the discussion, they will create a suitable design, discuss the plan, and make changes to ensure it meets your needs. This step usually takes around 1-4 weeks.

Ordering Materials

Once you finalize the bathroom design and decide on the price, they will order the materials required for the project. This may take anywhere between one to eight weeks. You need to consider the estimated shipping times when creating a schedule and plan the timeline in a way that avoids gaps whenever possible.


Once the renovation contractor receives the materials, you must allow time for the major construction work, including demolition, electrical and plumbing tasks, carpentry, insulation, flooring, painting, cabinetry, trim installations, and inspections. This step may require around 2 to 5 weeks.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline Tip: Consider the working days when estimating the timeline.

3 Crucial Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Time

Scope of Bathroom Renovation

The project work may require a few days or months, depending on your requirements. An experienced renovation contractor may complete a few simple changes in some days. However, significant improvements and additions may take longer.

Availability of Materials

Easily accessible materials can help speed up the process of bathroom remodelling. However, imported things or special-order products may take time to arrive and delay the work by several weeks.

Renovation Process

When hiring a renovation contractor, it is wise to understand their process. Their schedule and time frame to complete the project may vary depending on whether they are a single owner-operator or working with a subcontracted team.

Estimating the Time for Bathroom Remodelling

You should be able to arrive at an estimated time frame for your bathroom remodelling project when working with a professional renovation contractor. A full-scale remodel of a small bathroom may take about 20 – 25 days on average. You will need a detailed plan, good organization, and proper execution to avoid no interruptions and significant delays. Thus, it is best to account for the unexpected when estimating the time for bathroom renovations.

Preventing Timeline Issues with Your Renovation Contractor

Avoid Last-Minute Changes

Change orders are the main reason for delays in bathroom remodels. In addition to extending the timeline, these changes may increase the overall cost of the bathroom renovation. It is best to work closely with professionals, discuss the details, clear your doubts, and thoroughly check plans, diagrams, and colour swatches before finalizing.

Leave Prep Work to the Professionals

Some homeowners prefer to take the DIY route as much as possible. This can help you cut costs only if you have the required skills and resources. Although removing existing tiles, filling cracks, and installing cement boards may seem effortless, they require precision. Thus, the technical construction work, including the preparations and finishes, should be handled by qualified experts.

Secure Paperwork and Permits in Advance

Different localities have various permit laws, processes and requirements for home improvements. Understanding what you will need to secure a bathroom remodel in your neighbourhood and how to obtain it is beneficial. Failing to do so may cause unnecessary delays.

Count on Us for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation Experience

How Much Time Do You Need for a Bathroom Renovation?

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Our average timeline for completing a standard bathroom remodel is ten days. Since every project is unique, the schedule may change. However, we will communicate the details and maintain transparency to avoid unnecessary delays.

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