Home Renovations in Markham

Home Renovations in Markham

Markham is home to a variety of properties, including single-family homes, detached homes, townhomes, and more. If you want to renovate your home, renoWOW! can help. We provide quick and reliable kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodelling services with customized solutions for all types of residential properties in Markham.
Home Renovations in Markham
bathroom renovation in Markham

Our Home Renovation Services

Our renovation experts take time to understand your needs, preferences, and lifestyle and recommend the most suitable designs and ideas. We offer personalized solutions for kitchen, basement, and bathroom remodels and complete home renovations in Markham.
Whether you want to build an addition for your home, renovate a specific section, or convert your basement into a guest room, we have you covered! renoWOW! specializes in complete home renovations and offers quick, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions. We can help you enhance the appearance and functionality of your home by making just a few impactful changes.
We will combine a kitchen’s essential elements with your unique requirements to create personalized designs that fit your budget and lifestyle. We will plan every detail, including electrical and plumbing connections, flooring and tiling, cabinets, countertops, and more. Our experts will ensure that the design, execution, and every aspect of the kitchen are according to your preferences.
Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements for renovating the bathroom. We will find the right fixtures for your bathroom, including the faucets, bathtub, shower base, sinks, vanity, cabinets, and more. Regardless of your budget, we will ensure you have a fully equipped, organized, and inviting space to relax and rewind. We are available to answer all your questions so that you know what to expect during your bathroom renovation in Markham.
Whether you want more living space, an additional guest room, game room, fitness studio, or any other upgrade, we can convert your basement into a fully functional space. Our experts will come up with excellent designs and tailored solutions to ensure the outcome of our basement renovation exceeds your expectations.

Get a Complete Home Renovation in Markham

With over 30 years of experience, over 1000 satisfied clients, and a 9.9 rating on HomeStars, renoWOW! is one of the leading renovation contractors in Markham, offering complete home renovation services for the residents of the city. From elegant bathrooms to classic kitchens, we will help enhance the appearance and functionality of your home within your budget. We are WSIB registered and carry liability insurance to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

To schedule your home renovation in Markham, call us at 1-866-352-1251 or book a virtual consultation with our experts. We will be happy to give your home a fresh look and help you create a usable living space that fits your style and budget.

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