Home Renovation Contractor vs General Contractor

Home Renovation Contractor vs General Contractor

If you want to remodel your home, working with a professional is the best way to complete the project. If you are renovating the exterior, you may need a general contractor. However, a home renovation contractor is the right choice when you plan to redo the internal structure. Read on to learn how they are different so you can make an informed decision.

The Difference Between General & Home Renovation Contractors

Nature and Type of Projects

A general contractor can work on remodelling, renovating, and exterior management projects. However, in the case of home renovation services, they specialize in internal remodelling projects that land within their scope, making them experts at what they do.

Scope of Work

A general contractor is not an expert in a specific field and often works in several areas. However, home renovation contractors are experts in revamping a property as they have the experience, skills, and resources to transform the interiors.

Personal Involvement

When working with a general contractor, they often don’t require you to be involved beyond the initial discussion to set the budget and communicate what you want to be done. Contrarily, remodelling experts usually involve homeowners at every step. This way, you can share what you like, how you want specific things, and other preferences. They may also want you to approve the purchases to ensure the interiors look and feel as you like.

Price of the Project

Since general contractors have a broader scope of work, their fees may be higher. However, the cost of remodelling professionals varies widely, depending on your requirements and the level of sophistication required.

Guarantee of Quality Work

The quality of work depends on many factors, such as the scope of work, knowledge, team, experience and expertise of the contractor and your expectations. However, hiring a reputable home renovation contractor assures high value and increases the chances of receiving the desired results.

Complaint Handling

When working with a general contractor, you may have to mention any problems to the person in charge, as they are responsible for all the significant tasks and project completion. On the other hand, home renovation contractors have a team of experts working on the project with a more personalized approach. This allows you to direct any issues to them to get the best solution.

Why You Should Hire a Home Remodelling Contractor

Complete Renovation Services

A thoughtful design plan and immaculate execution are essential to the success of any home renovation project. This way, you can be confident regarding the transformation of your home without worrying about functionality and aesthetics. Thus, hiring a home remodelling contractor is beneficial because they create a detailed roadmap to manage and complete the renovation.

Expert Project Management

A home renovation contractor will manage all the aspects of the project, including the initial design to implementation and completion. In addition, they will handle scheduling and executing trades work, work with vendors and suppliers, and obtain permits when required. These professionals will be present at every phase to address unexpected problems, avoid complications, and assure you peace of mind.

Get the Details Upfront

In addition to the design plan, you will receive the project quote from the home renovation contractor to understand the work’s extent and overall cost. Moreover, you will have timely updates about the progress and milestone completion dates to ensure complete transparency.

Reduced Stress

Home renovations often require a significant investment, which is why hiring a reputable expert is a wise decision. They will focus on your needs and can help reduce your stress by communicating regularly.

Hire the Best Home Renovation Contractor in Toronto

Best Home Renovation Contractor in Toronto

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