Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor: 6 Red Flags to Avoid

Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor: 6 Red Flags to Avoid

Remodelling a house is challenging because it involves many tasks, such as changing the structure, modifying the layout, and improving the style. This is why hiring a home renovation contractor is wise. However, you should know how to choose the best and get the desired results. It is essential to examine portfolios of their previous work, check the license, consider referrals and gather information before making a final decision. Read on to learn what you should steer clear of to hire the right home renovation contractor for your project.

6 Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring Home Renovation Contractor


Creating a list of local contractors with good reputations and expertise is crucial to find the right house remodelling contractor. Look for reliable recommendations, search online, check client reviews, and use social media to find the best names. Further, you can narrow it down to the top contenders depending on your needs and budget.

Red Flag: When selecting the right contractor, remember that the successful ones will be easy to reach and have a transparent approach. Be cautious of contractors who are not honest.

No Proof of Previous Work

Hire a home renovation contractor specializing in the type of remodelling you need. Ensure they have a creative eye to help with your project. Ask about their approach and process and how they incorporate client specifications into their work. A good portfolio should include before and after home renovation photos, sketches, blueprints, and other plans.

Red Flag: Do not consider portfolios with too few projects, no photos of the process, comparison pictures, or grainy, unclear images of the result. Moreover, if any completed project does meet your standards, remove them from your list.

Missing Credentials

A straightforward way to narrow your list further is to ask for each home contractor’s certification and licensing. It helps to know that the licenses or certifications required may vary for each project depending on the scope and type of work. In addition, ask them about liability insurance and worker’s compensation to ensure they have the resources to complete the job safely without encountering legal problems.

Red Flag: Do not consider any home remodelling contractors who cannot show the proper credentials, take too long, or are hesitant to provide this information.

Too Few References

Checking a contractor’s references is crucial when looking for home renovation experts. Be sure to browse their recent projects, some older ones and jobs from different neighbourhoods to have an idea of their work. Make a list of specific questions, talk to the references, listen carefully to find helpful information, and make detailed notes. You can also ask to visit their home to check the result.

Here are a few questions you may ask the references:

  • Did the contractor complete the project within budget and on time?
  • Did they keep the job site clean and safe?
  • Did you have any problems? If yes, were they addressed adequately?
  • Were they punctual?
  • How did the crew work, and what were their working hours?
  • Did they recommend unique home renovation ideas?
  • How has their work held up?

Red Flag: If you do not find enough references or notice significant time gaps between projects, ask about it. Do not consider hiring them if you do not receive reasonable reasons.

Inefficiency in Finished Projects

After talking to the references, remove any contractors with negative reviews. You may decide which of the remaining ones to visit and see the completed project. It is best to select people who seem forthcoming and whose home is similar to yours. Ask about the support delivered after completion, including servicing or repairs.

Red Flag: Depending on your project and needs, look for alarming details such as low-quality materials, slanted floors, insufficient lighting, stains on the ceiling, streaks on walls, overspray, inadequate tile work, mismatched finishing, and more.


Once you receive offers from the top contractors on your list, check their estimated cost, types of materials they recommend, and timeline. Getting bids from the top three or four contractors on your list is best. Select the one that best meets your needs.

Red Flag: Be cautious of any contractor who tries to pressure you into hiring them by pressuring you into signing the contract immediately.

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Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor: 6 Red Flags to Avoid

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