8 Cabinet Styles to Help Organize Your Bathroom

8 Cabinet Styles to Help Organize Your Bathroom

Cabinetry is one of the essential elements in your bathroom, so it’s essential to choose yours wisely. They can help you organize the room and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area. Learn a few tips and high-quality design ideas for cabinets from the experienced bathroom renovation contractors at renoWOW! to get some inspiration for your project.

Cabinet Design Ideas for a Practical and Beautiful Bathroom

Formal Appearance

If you are planning an elegant and formal bathroom remodel, consider incorporating a balanced layout of mirrors, sinks, and cabinets. You may use the storage unit to separate the two sink areas and install an arrangement of drawers and cabinets to keep toiletries, hand towels, hairdryers, and more.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

This plan is ideal for small bathrooms and is all about simplicity, using a vanity wall, marble flooring and mirrors. A straight line of wooden drawers with floating chests above the floor makes the cabinetry a focal point and allows you enough room for storage.

Contrasting Colours

Using white with other neutrals is an excellent way to expand the look of a small bathroom. You can install dark-coloured cabinets to complement the lighter shades of the walls. Alternatively, you may consider using dark colours, patterns, and geometric wallpapers with light cabinets to create a beautiful bathroom.

Small Yet Deep Cabinets

Discuss cabinet designs with your bathroom renovation contractor to get creative solutions and ensure they utilize the available space optimally. One way to do this is to install bathroom cabinetry with deep construction that offers plenty of storage. You can also have a medicine cabinet above the countertop, featuring a mirror and additional storage for soaps and small toiletries.

Contemporary Cabinetry Ideas

A bathroom vanity with flat-panel drawer fronts having sleek pulls is a great option for a contemporary bathroom. You can complete your bathroom remodel with wood finishing cabinets, under-mount sinks, and tile backsplash to add more warmth to the space.

Mid Century Modern Cabinets

To ensure your bathroom cabinetry is elegant, sophisticated, and modern, use brushed-metal handles and pulls with slender, white cabinets fitted with a frosted-glass panel. This idea gives an airy look to your bathroom while giving you plenty of storage space.

Open and Closed Storage

A combination of open and closed storage in the bathroom is a great way to incorporate decorative and functional options in the plan. You can have accessible storage for medicines and toiletries with drawers and store cleaning supplies out of sight under the sink inside the closed cabinets.

Modern, Sleek Design

A dark-stained cabinet enhances the appearance of contemporary styling in a bathroom remodel. You can use creative finishes with modern-style cabinetry and add this look to the functional parts such as drawers, pulls, and handles.

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8 Cabinet Styles to Help Organize Your Bathroom

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