7 Renovation Ideas for an Expensive-Looking Kitchen

7 Renovation Ideas for an Expensive-Looking Kitchen

Kitchens are often the focal point of a house. You can flaunt your taste and lifestyle. This is why in addition to functionality, homeowners emphasize aesthetics, including the layout, design, and colour. Here are some top ideas if you are planning a kitchen renovation and looking for ways to ensure it is luxurious-looking without breaking the bank. Check out these tips and tricks to enjoy a beautiful kitchen without compromising functionality.

7 Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas for a Rich Look

Natural Shades

A fresh coat of colour can transform your kitchen instantly into a warm, bright, and cozy space. Lighter hues such as beige, champagne, and pastel shades are excellent choices for a luxurious look. Consider darker paints, including teal and charcoal, if you have a modular kitchen with many storage options. Ensure they blend with the overall aesthetics to make your kitchen appear lavish. However, if you have a small kitchen, opt for a white colour scheme because it reflects light and can make the room look spacious.

Include a Breakfast with the Kitchen Island

One of the trending kitchen renovation ideas is to have a breakfast bar or island as a focal point. It adds a modern and expensive look to the room. This idea is particularly worth trying if you have more unused floor space. In addition to utilizing it wisely, it will add a tint of richness to your kitchen.

Add a Touch of Luxury with Marble

Marble is an excellent choice for a kitchen island because it is elegant, gives the room a splash of luxury, and is suitable for almost every colour palette. If you do not want a marble countertop, you can include it in your kitchen layout in the following different ways:

  • Use a pre-cut piece of marble to create a small baking section
  • Add marble tiles in the kitchen to make a beautiful backsplash
  • Remodel a portion of your kitchen floor using marble
  • Use marble for the pantry walls

Give Your Backsplash a Makeover

Backsplashes are the perfect element of a kitchen renovation to make a statement. It is a great addition to boast of your taste and style. Consider different colours and textures that complement your kitchen’s personality and architecture. Some popular ideas are rich blue, black, neutral, and all-white tiles. For a bold and creative look, you can also consider wood, rustic copper, green, and gold.

Install Modular Cabinets

If you have dull wooden cabinets and shelves of stones, replacing them with modular kitchen units is a great idea. They are multifunctional, have plenty of storage options, and add richness and sophistication to your kitchen. Glossy cabinets, classic wood, elegant pink, glass cabinets, metallic kitchen cabinets, and floating shelves are some great options.

Lavish Lighting

Homeowners often neglect lights during a kitchen renovation. However, they are essential to add a luxurious look to the room. Moreover, it would help to think of the positioning to achieve the desired look. Here are some ideas you can consider:

  • Low-hanging lights above islands, counters and the adjoining dining space create an illusion of a higher ceiling.
  • A pair or cluster of pendant lights is a wonderful option for a modern kitchen.
  • Dimmers offer an effortless way to make your kitchen look expensive.
  • Task lighting, downlights, and uplighting are some of the most preferred choices for kitchens.

Change the Knobs on Your Cabinet

If you do not want to change your existing shelves and cabinets, upgrade the hardware with modern fixtures. Add new hinges, handles, and door pulls. Use decorative pieces in different hues and sleek details that complement the overall decor and ensure they fit your cabinets right. You can also mix metals to highlight the difference while ensuring it goes well together. Another idea is to use oversized hardware for the special touch.

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7 Renovation Ideas for an Expensive-Looking Kitchen

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